Conference at PC Hotel Karachi 10-12 March 2023

10 March 2023 - Friday

Hall A
Instructional Course:
Radiology 0830 – 1100
Session chair: Dr Nasreen Naz

"What to order & When? in head & neck pathologies" Dr M Kashif Shazlee

0855-0920 "HRCT temporal bone" Dr Asad Qayyum

0920-0945 “Evaluation of Oral cancer and Sinonasal disease on CT; Let's walk you through it" Dr Fahad Haroon

0945-1005 “Post surgical changes versus tumor recurrence/ residual? How imaging knows? Dr Rahila Usman

1005-1030 Q & A session
Head Neck Surgery Track
1st Scientific Session (1130 – 1630)
Chairperson: Prof Dr Zakirullah Co-Chair: Dr Khursheed Alam
Moderator: Dr Raheem Dhanani
1130 – 1215
Chondrosarcomas and osteosarcomas of the head and neck: their management from a surgical perspective,
Prof Dr Cesare Piazza
1215 – 1300
Artificial Intelligence in Head Neck Surgical Oncology ,
Dr Alberto Paderno
Hall B
Instructional Course:
Audiology and Speech 0830 – 1100
From Dysphagia to Dysphasia; contemporary Skills of Audiologist & Speech Pathologist in 21st Century
From Dysphasia to Dysphagia
Chairperson: Dr Haroon Khan
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Shaheen Mallick

Moderator: Mr Shakeel Ahmed Khan

Hearing in Neonatal to Geriatric Span: Miss Tabbasum Naz

Breathing-Voice-Speech and Language Disorders: Mr Shakeel Ahmed Khan

Significance of Hearing and Hearing Aids: Mr Mohsin Malik

Infection Control in Clinical Practices of Speech Therapists and Audiologists: Mr Aqeel ur Rehman

Transforming Speech and Auditory Rehabilitation into professional integrity. Mr Shahid Ali
Balance Disorders 1100-1300
1100 – 1130 The central vertigo
Dr Inam e Khuda

1130-1200 The peripheral vertigo
Dr Syed Akbar Abbas

1200-1240 Demonstration of diagnostic and repositioning maneuver

1240-1300 Q & A session
Hall C
Instructional course


1300 to 1430 - Lunch & Prayer Break

Hall A
Head Neck Surgery Track cont’d
Chair: Prof Big. Dr Mohammad Rashid Co-Chair: Shokat Malik
Pharynx and Larynx

Moderator: Dr Zia Qazi
1430 – 1450s
Current trends of oropharyngeal CA.
Dr. Alberto Paderno
1450 – 1510
Overview of Surgical treatment of laryngeal CA.
Prof Cesare Piazza
Adjuvant treatment for oral cavity and Laryngeal CA
when and when not!
Dr Asghar Hussain
1530 – 1610
Panel Discussion. Laryngeal CA.
Dr Sarfaraz Latif
Penalist: Dr Cesare Piazza, Dr Alberto Pederno, Dr Ashgahr Hussain, Dr Rashid Zia, Prof. Dr Kashif Malik, Dr Shabbir Akhter
1610 – 1650
1. Associations of the metastatic lymph node on CT scan with extranodal extension in oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma.
Dr Ainulakbar Mughal
Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi

2. Are all T4b OSCC tumours not operable?
Dr Fizza Asif Qureshi
Patel Hospital, Karachi

3. Diagnostic accuracy of FNAC in thyroid nodule in comparison to postoperative biopsy in patients at civil hospital Karachi.
Dr Afifa Jamil
Civil Hospital, Karachi

4. Comparison between Sonographic Features and Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology with Histopathology in the Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodule.
Dr Basit Arif
Civil Hospital, Karachi
Hall B
Rhinology Track
Chronic Rhinosinusitis

Chairperson: Prof Zainullah Kakar
Co-Chair: Prof Sherzaman

Moderator: Dr Danish ur Rehman
1430 – 1450
CRS Medical aspects:
Prof Dr Saleem Marfani
1450 – 1510
Corelatetion of Allergic Rhinitis with CRS.
Prof Dr Sameer Qureshi
Mastering Frontal Sinus Surgery
“How I do it.”
Brig Dr Maqbool Raza
Dealing the complication of endoscopic sinus Surgery
Brig Dr Mohammad Rashid
1540 – 1640
1. CT Scan Presentation Of Patients With Mucormycosis.
Dr Unsa Iqbal
DUHS (Ojha)

2. Comparison between the use of hypertonic saline and normal saline in the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis
Dr Sana Qasim
Civil Hospital, Karachi

3. Efficacy of functional endoscopic sinus surgery in improving nasal symptoms in patients having chronic rhinosinusitiswith nasal polyps
Dr. Hira Rashid
Civil Hospital, Karachi

4. Are nasal polyps associated with bacterial pathogens? Our experience at Civil Hospital.
Dr.Fizza Qambar
Civil Hospital Karachi
Hall C
Otology Track
CSOM and cholestatoma
Chairperson: Prof.Dr.Kaleemullah Tahaeem Co-Chair: Prof Talat Najeeb
Moderator: Dr Talha Ahmed
1430 – 1450
CSOM surgical decision making
Prof Dr Khalid Maheda
1450 – 1510
Mastoid obliteration; indication and technique,
Dr Asad Qayum
Ossiculoplasty and middle ear prosthesis
Dr Asad Qayum
Ear deformities from birth to adulthood
how to avoid and deal with them:
Dr Muhammad Arslan
Panel Discussion: Recidivism in cholestatoma
Dr Talha Ahmed
Panelist: Prof Dr Khalid Mahida, Dr Asad Qayum. Prof Dr Talat Najeeb, Prof Dr Kaleemullah Tahaeem, Prof. Dr. Ausaf Ahmed

Inaugural session: PC 1900 – 2100

11 March 2023 - Saturday

Hall A
Plenary Session 1: 0900 – 1030
Chairperson: Prof Dr Mohibullah Khan
Co-Chair: Maj General Dr Shoaib Ahmed

Moderator: Dr Bakht Aziz

Endoscopic Stapes Surgery; Pearls And Pitfalls
Dr Asad Qayum
Dr Jawwad

Advanced FESS: How to do it properly, pearls and pointers.
Dr Amin Javer

Post pandemic challenges in health care Dr Mumtaz Jamshed
1030 – 1100 Tea
2nd Scientific Session
1100 – 1300
Parotid Surgery
Chairperson: Prof Dr Rashid Zia
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Taimoor Latif
Moderator: Dr Arif Achakzai
1100- 1120
Evaluation and surgical planning of Carcinoma Parotid
Maj Gen Dr Shoaib Ahmed
1120 – 1140
How to deal with facial nerve and neck nodes in patients with Parotid CA
Dr Mumtaz Jamshed
1140 – 1220
Panel Discussion, Parotid CA
Col Dr Sohail Aslam
Penalist: Dr Mumtaz Jamshed, Maj Gen Dr Shoaib Ahmed, Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood, Prof Dr Tariq Rafi
1220 – 1300
1. Unilateral Thyroid Lobectomy as daycare procedure: A cross sectional study with literature review on Safety and Cost Effectiveness
Dr Ainulakbar Mughal
Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi

2. Metastatic cervical lymphadenopathy-detection of the primary site
Dr Akhtar Ali Lakhiar
LUMHS Jamshoro

3. Diagnostic accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology(fnac) in evaluation of parotid gland neoplasms
Dr Syed Faizan Ali
DUHS (Ojha), Karachi
Hall B


1030 – 1100 Tea
2nd Scientific Session
1100 – 1300
Chairperson: Prof Dr. M Saleem Marfani
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Iqbal Khayani
Skull Base Surgeries
Moderator: Dr. Uzair Mushahid
1100- 1120
Basic and Extended approaches to the Sella and Parasellar Skull Base
Dr Amin Javer
1120 – 1140
Transnasal endoscopic pituitary hypophsectomy
Dr Ahmed Hassan Ashfaq
1140 – 1200
Transnasal endoscopic pituitary hypophsectomy
Prof Dr Umer Farooq
1200 – 1300
Panel Discussion, Invasive Fungal Sinusitis,
Dr Shaheryar Ahmed
Panelist: Dr Amin Javer, Prof Umer Farooq, Dr Ahmed Hassan Ashfaq, Prof Mujeeb. Prof Dr Saleem Marfani
Hall C


1030 – 1100 Tea
2nd Scientific Session
1100 – 1300
Endoscopic ear surgery
Chairperson: Prof Dr Khalid Mehmood
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Khalid Mahida

Moderator: Dr Asim Irshad
1100- 1120
Endoscopic ear surgery:
Redefining the middle ear anatomy and physiology: Dr Atif Najam
1120 – 1140
Endoscopic management of adhesive otitis media and cholestatoma.
Dr Nousheen Qureshi
1140 – 1200
Endoscopic Myringoplasty,
Dr Imran Mohib
1200 – 1300
1. Correlation of air bone gap with size of perforation on otoendoscopy
Dr Aiman Fatima
DUHS, Karachi

2. Endoscopic Myringoplasty vs Microscopic Myringoplasty: A Comparative study of 20 cases
Dr Sheikh Sarmad Elahi
Lahore General Hospital, Lahore

3. Predictors of round window visibility on preoperative CT scan temporal bone in patients undergoing cochlear implant surgery: A systematic review
Dr Abdul Basit Shah
Aga Khan University, Karachi

4. Comparative study of oral and topical quinolone in the medical management of chronic suppurative otitis media
Dr Muhammad Ali
Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi
Hall D


1030 – 1100 Tea
2nd Scientific Session
1100 – 1300
Parathyroid Surgery
Chairperson: Brig. Prof. Dr. Tahir Manzoor
Co-Chair: Dr Naveed Anjum

Moderator: Dr Junaid Maheser
1100 – 1120
When and when not to go for parathyroid surgery?
Dr Shayan Ansari
1120 – 1140
Avoiding long hours parathyroid surgery
Dr Adnan Khan
1140- 1300
1. Needle aspiration versus incision and drainage for management of peritonillar abscess
Dr Faizan Khan
LUMHS, Jamshooro

2. Impact of oral health education on awareness of mouth self examination in indigenous community
Dr Hira Zaidi
(Ojha), Karachi

3. Association between pre-operative serum vitamin d levels and post total thyroidectomy hypocalcemia
Dr Unsa Iqbal
DUHS (Ojha), Karachi

4. Improvement in quality of life after corrective nasal septal surgery. Does septoplasty really improve quality of life?
Dr Aijaz Ali

5. Canal repositioning maneuver as a sole treatment for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
Dr Sadiq Mehmood
Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar

6. Analysis of traffic noise pollution in Karachi, Pakistan”
Dr Muhammad Moiz Ullah Khan
Bahria Medical & Dental College

1300 to 1400 - Lunch & Prayer Break

Hall A
3rd Scientific Session
1400 – 1630
Oral SCC
Chairperson: Prof Dr Wajahat Bangash
Co-Chair: Brig.Dr Maqbool Raza

Moderator: Dr Shafqat Ali
1400 – 1420
Epidemiology of Oral carcinoma,
where are we,
Prof Dr Tariq Rafi
1420 -1440
Challenges in managing locally advanced Oral SCC,
Dr Shokat Malik
1440 -1510
Problems of disease-free patient of oral carcinoma,
Prof Dr Kashif Iqbal
1510 – 1530
Pedicel flap reconstruction in era of free tissue transfer
Prof Dr Iqbal Hussain
1530 – 1630
1. Association of TIRADS and Bethesda classification of thyroid patient in tertiary care hospital.
Dr Unsa Iqbal
DUHS, Ojha

2. Is Obesity a Risk of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer in a Cytological Series of Thyroid Nodules
Dr Sidra Bano
Civil Hospital, Karachi

3. Utility Of Specimen Driven Frozen Section For OSCC, Should We Opt This Technique?
Dr Hafiz Murtaza Hussain
Patel Hospital, Karachi.

4. Impact of formalin fixation on tumor size and surgical margins in patients of oral squamous cell carcinoma
Dr Sumra Sattar
Patel Hospital, Karachi

5. Incidence Of Perifacial Lymph Node Metastasis In Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Dr Aijaz Ali
DUHS (Ojha), Karachi

6. Endoscopic management of inverted papilloma
Dr Sukhan Shahid
LGH, Lahore
Hall B
3rd Scientific Session
1400 – 1630
Tumors of Nose and PNS
Chairperson: Prof Dr Ghareeb Nawaz
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Raa Iqbal

Moderator: Dr Hira Andleeb
1400 – 1420
Endoscopic Surgery for Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma,
Dr Amin Javer
1420 -1440
Diagnosis and Management of Sinonasal Papillomas,
Prof Dr Mohammad Mujeeb
1440 -1520
Panel Discussion: Paranasal Sinus malignancies
Dr Adnan Khan
Panelist: Dr Amin Javer, Prof Dr Mujeeb, Prof Dr Naimatullah, Prof Dr Iqbal Hussain, Prof Dr Zakirullah
1520 – 1610
1. Endoscopic Sphenopalatine Artery Ligation (ESPAL); Long Term Outcome in a Tertiary Care Centre
Dr Iqra Zakir
LNH, Karachi 

2. Breaking the mold ; Our experience of mucormycosis
Dr Zainab Rasheed
Shifa International hospital Islamabad

3. Primary nasal tuberculosis: a systematic review
Dr Sumra Sattar
Patel Hospital, Karachi

4. Two walls versus three wall orbital decompression for thyroid eye disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Dr Muhammad Hammad
Agha Khan University Hsopital, Karachi

5. Relief of nasal obstruction: topical vs intra tubinal triamcinolone injection
Dr Muhammad Imran Malik PAF Hospital. Islamabad

6.Quality of reporting of randomised controlled trials of artificial intelligence in healthcare: a systematic review
Miss Bushra Ayub
Patel Hospital

7.Recurrence rate in oral squamous cell carcinoma treated in LNH
Dr Sanjay Syed
Liaquat National Hospital
Hall C
3rd Scientific Session
1400 – 1630
Cochlear implant and hearing rehabilitation
Chairperson: Maj Gen Dr Nusrat Raza
Co-Chair: Prof Masood Akhter

Moderator: Dr Imran Malik
1400 – 1420
Establishing Cochlear Implant program in a low resource set up. Lessons learnt
Dr Akbar Abbas
1420 -1440
Cochlear implant in adults
Brig Dr Mohammad Ali
1440 -1510
Auditory Implants
Dr Noweed Ahmed
1510 – 1540
Panel Discussion: C1
Moderator: Dr Jawwad
Panelist: Dr Akber Abbas, Brig. Dr Mohammad Ali, Dr Noweed Ahmed, Dr Asif Ali Arain, Dr Najam
1540 – 1620
1. Prevalence & features of inner ear malformations among children with congenital sensorineural hearing loss: A public cochlear implant center experience
Dr Ghulam Fatima
Capital hospital, CDA, Islamabad

2. Complications of cochlear implant surgery: A public implant center experience
Dr Aqsa Arshad
Capital Hospital, CDA, Islamabad

3. Outcome of stapedotomy in the treatment of otosclerosis in a tertiary care hospital
Dr Muhammad Arif
Hayatabad Medical Complex Peshawar

4. Assessment of Knowledge Regarding Tracheostomy care and Management of Early Complications among Healthcare Professionals
Dr Tooba Khanum
Jinnah Medical & Dental College, Karachi

5. In Otolaryngology, are we making a difference with public health awareness campaigns?
Dr Hira Kaleem
DUHS(Ojha), Karachi
Hall D
3rd Scientific Session
1400 – 1630
Chairperson: Prof Dr Noor Alam Ansari
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Gulzar Shaikh

Moderator: Dr Masiam Abbas
1400 – 1430
Head Neck Paragangliomas
Prof Dr Umer Farooq
1430- 1500
Benign Sinonasal Masses: A Clinico-pathologies and Outcome.
Prof Dr Arsalan Sheikh
Rigid Broncoscopy: Indication and Safety technique.
Prof Dr Mushtaq Memon
Avoiding Facial Nerve injury in Mastoid surgery.
Prof Dr Anjum Naveed

12 March 2023 - Sunday

Hall A
0900 – 1030
Plenary Session 2
Chairperson: Prof Dr Azhar Hameed
Co-chair: Prof Dr Mohammad Mujeeb

Moderator: Dr Aria Masoom

1. Lateral skull base approaches
Dr Noweed Ahmed

2. Approaches to the clivus and ICA anatomy
Dr Amin Javer

3. Conventional open approach rhinoplasty
Dr Shahab Baig
1030 – 1100 Tea
4th Scientific Session
1100 – 1300
Chairperson: Prof Dr Tariq Rafi
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Shuja Farrukh

Moderator: Dr Shayan Khalid
1100 – 1120
Assessment of a thyroid nodule,
Prof Dr Shakil Aqil
1120 -1140
Management of thyroid malignancies
Prof Dr Mubasher Ikram
1140 -1210
Adjuvant Treatment in Thyroid Cancer
Dr Javed Iqbal
1210 – 1300
Panel Discussion: Thyroid Carcinoma
Dr Vijay
Panelist: Prof Dr Mubasher Ikram, Prof Dr Shakil Aqil, Dr Javed Iqbal, Prof Dr Tariq Rafi
Hall B
0900 - 1030

1030 – 1100 Tea
4th Scientific Session
1100 – 1300
Chairperson: Prof Dr M. Umar Farooq
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Iqbal Hussain Udaipurwala

Moderator: Dr Tariq Zahid
1100 – 1120
Analysis of nasal shape and anatomy:
symmetry and proportions.
Dr Faisal Akhlaq
1120 -1140
Rhinoplasty in Pakistani Noses
Dr Arafat Jawaid
1140 – 1210
Reshaping the tip
Dr Shahab Baig
1210 – 1300
Panel Discussion on Rhinoplasty
Dr Akhter Zaman
Panelist: Dr Faisal Ikhlaq, Prof Dr Shahab Baig, Dr Arafat Jawaid, Dr Shahzad, Prof Umer Farooq
Hall C
0900 - 1030

1030 – 1100 Tea
4th Scientific Session
1100 – 1300
Voice disorders and phonosurgery
Chairperson: Prof .Dr.Salman Matiullah
Co-Chair: Prof Dr Zaba Ahmed

Moderator: Dr Irfan Shaikh
1100 – 1120
Voice disorders: From basics to laryngeal biomechanics
Dr Khursheed Alam
Pifalls in the diagnosis and treatment of Laryngitis
Prof Dr Altaf Hussain
1130 -1150
Spasmodic dysphonia and speech therapy,
Mr Shakeel Ahmed
1150 -1210
Laryngeal framework surgery novel techniques
Brig Dr Muhammad Rashid
1210 – 1230
Surgery for subglottic and tracheal stenosis,
Dr Moghira Iqbal
1230 – 1300
1. Otorhinolaryngology consultations in a multidisciplinary hospital - their effects on residents training on floor
Dr Muhammad Hammad
Aga Khan University Hospital, Karachi

2. Outcomes of Elective tracheostomy during ICU stay; a cross sectional study from a tertiary care center
Dr Soubia Akhtar
Dr Ziauddin University and Hospital. Karachi

3. Extra-larygeal Branching Patterns Of Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve
Dr Adnan Khan
Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar